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DMTA - Molecular Diagnostics and Advanced Therapy Research Centre


Three University Departments have contributed to establishing this Centre - Life, Health and Environmental Sciences; Biotechnological and Applied Clinical Sciences; Physical and Chemical Sciences.


The Research Centre, equipped thanks to funding provided by the AERF (Abruzzo Earthquake Relief Fund, Toronto, Canada), makes it possible to share technologically advanced platforms for the potential analysis of an elevated number of samples using a wide array of methods (cellular morphology, multigenic and protein analysis) with remarkable diagnostic sensitivity and specificity as regards various protein and genetic alterations (point mutations, chromosome rearrangement, methylation, genetic amplification and deletion).


The fact that the Centre is co-managed by different Departments allows for complex and competitive multi-disciplinary and integrated biological, translational and clinical research projects.


The Centre aims at:

  • Promoting the development of chemical-biological and biomedical research for the clinical application of the results obtained within diagnostic, prognostic, predictive and therapeutic sectors
  • Promoting the development, standardisation and clinical validation of new methods in clinical biochemistry, clinical molecular biology and molecular pathology with possible welfare benefits
  • Carrying out studies and documentation together with other activities linked to the available equipment
  • Providing requested services and consultation to external private and public bodies in compliance with University Statute and Regulations
  • Training specialised personnel in technical, biological, biotechnological, bioinformatic, medical fields within complex multi-disciplinary areas of development and application; developing precise morphological, genetic and protein analyses; applying the above to real situations - in particular in clinical areas with the aim of providing precise and personalised diagnosis, therapy and prevention
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 Prof. Maria Concetta Fargnoli
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