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IRIS (Institutional Research Information System)

IRIS (Institutional Research Information System) is an IT platform for the management of data on research activities (people, projects, publications) adopted by the University of L'Aquila in 2015. IRIS aims at collecting, managing and storing data related to the University's scientific research output. Professors, researchers and technical–administrative staff of the University of L’Aquila can access the platform using their log-in credentials in order to catalogue their published research works.

IRIS also aims at monitoring research results and enhancing visibility of the University's output, for this reason you can access the system's databank without having to provide log-in credentials.

A technical support team, as structured below, is available to assist and support professors and others wishing to enter or modify data:




Ciro Marziliano University
Marcello Di Risio

Department of Civil, Construction-Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Alessandro Celi

Luca Nuvolone

Donato Pera

Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics

Carlo Cantalini

Paolo Salini

Maria Rosaria Liberatore

Department of Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics

Maria Grazia Palmerini

Department of Life, Health and Environmental Sciences

Giuseppe Celenza

Benedetto Arnone

Gianluigi Giordani

Department of Biotechnological and Applied Clinical Sciences

Eva Mancini

Stefano Galli

Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Livio Sbardella

Alfonso Forgione

Department of Human Studies 


First time IRIS platform users may consult our user guide for advice (info in Italian)