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Mobility Manager

Already included in the Ministerial Decree of March 27, 1998, the position of Mobility Manager is taken up by Legislative Decree no. 34 of May 19, 2020, art. 229 C. 4 (converted, with amendments, into Law no. 77 of July 17, 2020). The Mobility Manager "promotes, also collaborating in the adoption of the sustainable mobility plan, the implementation of interventions for the organization and management of the demand for mobility, of people, in order to allow the structural and permanent reduction of the environmental impact resulting from vehicular traffic in urban and metropolitan areas".

The Inter-Campus Sustainable Mobility Plan (PAMSI) is currently being prepared. Its objective is to define short and medium-long term strategies for the integrated development of urban mobility and urban settlement between and within university campuses, taking into account, as a priority, home-work and home-university travel. The PAMSI is aimed at proposing general system strategies for public and private mobility in its various modes (rail, road, bicycle, pedestrian), urban design strategies, in the direction of environmental sustainability. The PAMSI also incorporates the contents of the Home-Work Travel Plan (PSCL) provided by Interministerial Decree n. 179 of May 12, 2021, art. 3 paragraph 5 (published in G.U. - General Series n. 124 of May 26, 2021), of which it assumes the value.

The University of L'Aquila has appointed Prof. Donato Di Ludovico as Mobility Manager.


Decree of appointment