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    Course catalogue

    Course Catalogue is a web application accessible both via desktop and via mobile which allows an easy and fast search in the section of the academic programmes offered by the University.

    Information is available both in Italian and in English (click the IT/EN box).

    In the homepage are available links to the list of study courses divided into groups: Bachelor’s level or First cycle degree, Master’s level or Second cycle degree, Single-cycle Master’s level degree.

    Click on the year of enrolment of each study course to get full details (general info, admission requirements, tuition fees, deadlines, curricula, study material and objectives) and the study plan (select "courses").

    Click on the "lens" on the top right to start search:

    • Search a (degree) course
    • Search a unit (*)
    • Search a teacher

    (*) Please note: the syllabuses of the courses offered in the Academic Years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 are available selecting the relevant year in the menu of the Course Catalogue section of the University of L'Aquila website. The course syllabuses offered up to the Academic Year 2018/2019 are available in each Department website.