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Graduation and Degree Thesis

A student who is eligible to graduate between March and April 2021 is required to present and application for approval of his/her degree-thesis title via the University’s virtual student registry office (this must be done between 90-60 days prior to the date of graduation).


The student’s thesis supervisor then receives notification of the student’s application and will be able to either confirm or reject it immediately, in any case this is to be done no later than 50 days prior to the date of the scheduled graduation exam.


The graduating student will receive notification of the supervisor’s acceptance or rejection of the thesis title submitted; in case of a negative response, the student will be given the opportunity to submit another application. However, after the deadline, a thesis title that has not received approval by a supervisor shall automatically be rejected.


Once a thesis title obtains an approved “APPROVATO” status, the student may then submit his/her graduation application at (ESSE3). This application procedure must be completed within the 1st-15th day of the month prior to the scheduled month of graduation. Once the application is submitted the status will indicate “PRESENTATO”. When the virtual student office has confirmed the student’s application a “CONFERMATO” status will appear. At this point students can upload their thesis at the same address (ESSE3), within and no later than the 7th day prior to the date of their scheduled graduation exam.

Once the upload is completed, the supervisor will receive an e-mail notification and will proceed to approve the thesis, thus conferring an “APPROVATO” status, within 3 days of the scheduled graduation exam.