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    Cosmic Ray Physics in Space

    Cosmic Ray Physics in Space

    The ISSS Course on “Cosmic Ray Physics in Space” (12-16 June 2017) is designed for PhD students and young post-doctoral researchers. The school will offer an overview of current knowledge of the Physics of Galactic Cosmic Rays as observed with space-borne instruments in a broad sense, thus including charged particles and antiparticles, gamma rays and related topics on neutrinos. The connection with ground-based experiments will be explored. The most important space missions of the past, present and future will be presented. A special emphasis will be given to the indirect search for dark matter. 


    The International School of Space Science (ISSS) began its activity in 1991. The School is organized by the Consorzio Interuniversitario per la Fisica Spaziale (C.I.F.S.) which joins several Italian universities active in the field of Space Science (Catania, Firenze, L'Aquila, Milano, Roma "La Sapienza", Roma "Tor Vergata", Torino, Trieste) and Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF). Since foundation ISSS is directed by prof. Umberto Villante.


    Venue: Gran Sasso Space Institute, Viale F. Crispi 7, 67100 L'Aquila

    Web: http://www.cifs-isss.org/


    The ISSS Course on “Complexity and Turbulence in Space Plasmas” will take place in L'Aquila from 18 to 22 September, 2017.